Friday, April 30, 2010


Freak me out sometimes. I sometimes have to stop and wonder who in the world is reading my little blog. I mean I see the hits I get and there aren't that many. Yet I occasionally get these creepy or nonsensical comments from people I have NO connection with or recognize from any other board, blog or anywhere else I "hang out".
Am I the only one?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ummm can we skip the next two months????

My calendar is seriously overflowing. I am totally overwhelmed and am wondering what the heck I singed up for and how we are going to manage.
Corey is in little league baseball but it would appear that he is going to be the next Babe Ruth by the amount of practices and games that are scheduled. Matthew is in mini soccer and that is also two nights a week.
Thank goodness Boys and Girls clubs had their wind-ups tonight or I'm not sure how we would do it.
So right now this is the family schedule
Tuesday-baseball game
Wednesday-soccer and baseball practice we are also supposed to have small group
Thursday-baseball game
Friday-so far so good :)
Saturday-baseball practice and of course any sessions or weddings I have booked
Sunday-family day hopefully. I really want to try and keep Sundays open for just us

Okay so as I write this down it doesn't seem to look as bad, but it sure feels like it. I guess the thing is this is only two kids in two sports. I cannot imagine how some parent's have their kids in everything and all sorts of activities. Where do they find the time?

I do think it is very important for kids to be involved and active in sports and other activities they enjoy so I suppose we make the sacrifice for two months and hope that in the end they have a good time and good memories :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010


We went to a new church today. We have been "trying" some new Church's to find a place where we all fit. With family of 6 this is not the easiest task however I know it can be done.

As we were sitting at the new church and the kids had gone off to Sunday school the pastor mentioned something I know I totally take for granted. As much as I whine and complain about our city and province and long for something more exotic or intriguing we are extremely lucky. When you look around the world at all the natural disasters occurring it is very rare that we would ever experience such horror. We see the pictures on the news and web and hear the stories but really have no clue and likely never will.

I thank God that we live in such a monotonous city and fair climate where this type of devastation will more than likely never be an issue.

I guess the moral of the story is to be thankful and don't take things for granted. A reminder I often need.

This is a photo I took out in the Whiteshell last year in September and it is another reminder of how lucky we are.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring has certainly sprung

I cannot believe the Spring we have been having. I don't remember such a wonderfully warm yet dry spring. People have been out and about enjoying this summer like weather. The sprinkers have been on and I've even been tempted to bring out the pool for the kids.
We had a wonderful bar-b-que for Jayson's birthday with some good friends and family and it couldn't have been a nicer Sunday.
Baseball has started for Corey and the kids cannot get enough of being out in the sun.
If the weather continues like this we'll have a scorcher of a summer, however we are owed it from the misery of last summer.
Wedding season has begun and work is busy. I'm finding it really difficult juggling it all this time round. Matthew and Jordyn are so much busier and need to be entertained and of course nap for shorter periods of time so I'm stuck doing work later in the evening when everyone is in bed. I know it will all work itself out but I think I need to find a new groove.

And just for fun here is a recent pic of my little Jordyn that I just thought was too cute not to share.