Saturday, July 30, 2011

So.... You come here often?

I hang my head in shame and humbly return to where it all began. Yep my very. first. blog. ever....
I've missed this place and the memories I can store here and record. So with that being said, I'm coming back!
Obviously there is no way I can try and catch up since my last post as it has been FAR too long but I can start from now.
So, we are in the middle of wedding season and I booked a pretty easy summer this year to spend more time with my kids and family.
So far it has worked out great and we've had an amazing summer with barely any rain and no bugs!

Everyone looks real grumpy but it was just super bright. This was our first time ever at Grand Beach as a family.
We forfeited a trip to Mexico in exchange for a new camper and took it out last weekend and it was a blast! We dropped Kianne off to camp for the second year in a row and picked her up today. She had a blast but is a little grumpy and tired.

We are getting ready to head out for five nights on Friday with the camper again just to Grand Beach. We got an electrical site this time though so we'll have all the amenities of home. It is huge and we all sleep and live in there quite comfortably.
We went up to my parent's boat a couple of weekends ago as well and the kids tubed and spent time on the beach as they always do when we're with them. It was a good day and I'll post pics. Matthew didn't enjoy it all so we'll see what next year brings.

We've been at the water parks more times than I can even count and the pool has been filled and drained numerous times. Canada Day was spent at the beach and there will be more beach days to come. Overall it has been a great summer and I'm so excited to say there is still another month left!

Matthew graduated preschool and that was an amazing adventure!

And both the boys with their respective soccer and baseball teams got to play with the pros. Corey is number 23 on the Goldeyes diamond and Matthew got to play soccer at the half time Bomber game the other day.

All in all it has already been a fun filled super summer and I can hardly wait for the rest of our adventures.