Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome Back

Yes I am welcoming myself back. I feel like I have been on a blogging hiatus the last little while. I have all sorts of things to write about but just can't seem to find the time to sit down and do it. I mean for goodness sakes I haven't even finished blogging about our trip to Banff and in 10 days we are leaving to Edmonton.
The kids are in their last week of swimming lessons and registry for fall activities are in full swing. Kianne will figure skate again and both the kids want to play guitar. Corey will finish up soccer in the fall and take a break over the winter before starting up again in the spring. It really works out quite well that the kids have found things they like during opposite seasons. Better for scheduling and great for the wallet ;)
I have been super busy with weddings and have not had a weekend off since we got home from Banff. I have another one this coming up Saturday and then a little break in September. As much as I love it I am ready for a break. I just want a full weekend to relax and if the weather is nice we will hopefully take off.
Like I mentioned earlier we are going to Edmonton for sure the first weekend of September to go visit Michael. If there are anymore nice weekends i.e. not freezing temps we will for sure pack up the tent and head out!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Books

I am so excited! I just purchased four new books! Buying books is for sure one of my guilty pleasures. I guess it is because they are all for me. No one else in this house will have any interest in them or want to touch them or play with them or even care that they are here. They are all mine.
As most moms know this is a rare circumstance and so I relish in this little delight.
The reason I ordered four is because when you order online at Chapters/Indigo once you spend $39 you get free shipping. Well, for a shopaholic like myself free shipping is really what it's all about :)
So what did I get you ask?
The Time Travellers Wife-After seeing the trailer for this movie I just knew I HAD to have the book!

My Sisters Keeper- Another one inspired from seeing an add for a movie.

Love the one you're with- Emily Giffin. Love this author so had to try it out.

And finally Can you Keep a Secret- Another great easy read author Sophie Kinsella

Maybe once I am done reading them if I am feeling really energetic I may even do a review :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 4- More Adventures

Okay this is getting harder to remember because I have taken so long to post about our trip. So what I think was day four really may be day two or five or whatever. Either way you get the drift of what we did and the things we saw ;)
So I am pretty sure that this was the day we drove up to Jasper and on the way stopped in at the Icefields and Athabasca Falls. In the morning though we sat in the hot springs at Upper hot springs in Banff. Both were an amazing sight to see.
The hot springs were cooled to a temp of 39 degrees Celsius. It was HOT. We went in the morning so we could avoid the rush of other tourists and it actually worked quite well.
Driving to Jasper was quite the experience we were so high in the mountains and some of the sights were amazing while nauseating at the same time. We drove the Icefield Parkway which basically connects Banff National Park and Jasper. There were mountain glaciers everywhere and it was incredible to see the natural wonders that surrounded us. We stopped at the Columbia Icefield and took in the amazing wonder of this ancient ice that is over 1000 feet thick.
It was quite the hike up and Jayson was amazing pushing Matthew and Jordyn in the trailer up this steep incline of a hike.

After the glacier we continued on to Jasper. Stopped for dinner at A&W and really was not overly impressed with the town. Just didn't do it for me. If I had to pick I would spend more time in Canmore than Jasper.
Anyway on our way home is when we stopped and saw Athabasca Falls. It is not the biggest falls you will ever see but it is still beautiful.
That is the thing about the Banff area, the scenery is breathtaking. You cannot help but be amazed and know that there is a God who created this all.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 3- Swimming?

Brrr... that is one thing about being in the mountains there are no beaches or nice warm lakes to enjoy summer swimming. Kids being kids though want to swim in the summer. We asked around and there were two suggestions for swimming lakes. One was Johnson lake and the other was Cascade Pond. We chose Cascade pond because it was closest to our campground.
The colour of the water was amazing and the scenery, breathtaking... oh and the temperature as well ;)