Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Brotherly love

I have to admit I kind of feel bad for Corey. I mean he cannot do anything anymore without Matthew following him around and asking him a million thousand questions about everything. Is it bad I'm glad it's Corey and not me? ;)
I will never really experience what Corey and Matthew have just like I'll never understand the relationship that I hope Kianne and Jordyn will have one day. While I had a brother, he was four years younger that me and that is a pretty large gap plus he was a boy :p
Not much point to my post just a simple observation.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Time Flies When you're Crazy Busy!

Well tons has happened since I last updated. We have decided to homeschool and you can read all about that here

That is an experience in itself. Going better than expected with the typical hiccups one could predict.

Halloween has come and gone and of course it is always brings sugar highs and lows that personally I could do without ;)

Just recently we took in the Santa Clause parade and that was fun! Crazy crowded but so much fun. I had a session right before then this year and so we got there just in the nick of time.
Next year we will have to plan better. Jordyn had so much fun though and the wonder in her little eyes was precious and amazing!