Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 2-Setting up camp

After a good rest in a nice bed, a swim at the pool and a soak in the hot tub while admiring the scenery it was time to leave that oasis and get to the campground to rough it ;)
We drove to Banff and found a great place called Two Jack Lake. There was a main site and a lakeside site. The lakeside site was crazy busy and we prefer our privacy when we are camping so we chose the main one. The only problem with the main one was that there were no showers. The way we figured it though we would stay here for 2 or 3 days and then when we go to Jasper get a site with showers.
The kids were really good with helping out. We got the our circus tent all set up, dining tent was up and Jay bought a great little battery air pump that had our air mattresses up in no time. While he was setting up camp I got to bar b quing some hot dogs for lunch. A quick lunch and then we were off to see the sights.
We drove around town and got our bearings.
We wanted to hike to Bow Falls but ended up driving past it. We got out and saw it and thought it would be kind of pointless to hike it now so stopped for some photos anyway.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 1-Canmore Alberta July 19th

What an amazing journey we had for a week in Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper and Drumheller. A part of me says I could stay there forever with the beautiful mountains and ice blue lakes but the part of me that loves our lakes that we can swim in says I am happy here.
I could have taken sooo many photos of the gorgeous things we saw however I wanted to enjoy our trip in real time so I limited it to 200 ;)
I'm not sure if Jordyn was car sick or what came over her but she threw up and had diarrhea the whole way there :( By the time we got there she had no clothes on and everything we had access to was either poopy or pukey.
Otherwise the ride there was really good. Jay and I took turns driving with of course him doing the most. I just cannot see well enough in the dark so he gets stuck. He seems to enjoy it though and finds it relaxing.
We left Saturday night after a wedding I shot (July 18th) and we arrived in Canmore at about 3pm and after a full night of driving and changing sick babies. Once in Canmore we decided we would hotel it for the first night just to get a good nights rest and cleaned up etc... We found a great little hotel with a pool for the kids and who would let us bring Lacey. Dinner consisted of Dominoes Pizza and then we explored town a bit. A swim and an early evening to bed in lush beds and we were all done for the day.

Hotel was Quality Resort.

View from our room

some friends along the way :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trip has finally been decided!!!

I am so excited! We have finally figured out what we are doing for our holidays this summer. I was finding it hard to get motivated to pack and get things ready when we had no idea what our destination was going to be.
We bought our circus tent (aka family tent) and it is wonderful.

It sleeps 13 and is 222Sq.Ft. It is also nice and tall so you can actually stand in it.

Now the question that remains to be answered though is, where are we going?

Banff, Alberta. With that decision being made I am in full throttle packing and organizing mode. I have lists made and piles have developed that contain all the necessities for camping with four children two being toddlers.
Can hardly wait to take the pics and enjoy the scenery!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bath Hair aka Bad Hair...

This is what happens when Daddy gets you out of the bath ;)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Should have stayed in bed....

You know when it's one of those days where life would have been better had you not even gotten out of bed? Well so far today has certainly been one of them. The funny thing is that this morning for my fb status I specifically commented on what a great day it was going to be and it's like karma just had to come along and bite me in the a$$.
We started off the day by going to church where I worked in the nursery. Pretty safe so far. Jay sat in the service himself and of course our pastor went way over time but that is pretty much par for the course.
After church we wanted to run some errands and thought we would grab lunch at Costco. While there I let Jordyn play with my wallet as she was sitting in the cart. In this wallet of course had my cash from last nights wedding, my ID and all my bank cards etc... Well wouldn't you know somewhere along the way she must have dropped it! Panic sets in as we retrace all our steps through Costco. Can't find it anywhere. Oh did I mention this is the first time I'd even used this wallet?!? New purchase from Etsy.
Home we go feeling super deflated and depressed as everything I had worked for yesterday is gone :(
Get home and the phone rings. It is one of my couples waiting for me to do e pics at the park. Holy Smokes I totally forgot. I apologize profusely and run over there to do their session.
Hopefully that is all the mishaps for the day because I'm pretty worn out.
I'm just hoping some honest person will come across my wallet and turn it in...