Saturday, July 30, 2011

So.... You come here often?

I hang my head in shame and humbly return to where it all began. Yep my very. first. blog. ever....
I've missed this place and the memories I can store here and record. So with that being said, I'm coming back!
Obviously there is no way I can try and catch up since my last post as it has been FAR too long but I can start from now.
So, we are in the middle of wedding season and I booked a pretty easy summer this year to spend more time with my kids and family.
So far it has worked out great and we've had an amazing summer with barely any rain and no bugs!

Everyone looks real grumpy but it was just super bright. This was our first time ever at Grand Beach as a family.
We forfeited a trip to Mexico in exchange for a new camper and took it out last weekend and it was a blast! We dropped Kianne off to camp for the second year in a row and picked her up today. She had a blast but is a little grumpy and tired.

We are getting ready to head out for five nights on Friday with the camper again just to Grand Beach. We got an electrical site this time though so we'll have all the amenities of home. It is huge and we all sleep and live in there quite comfortably.
We went up to my parent's boat a couple of weekends ago as well and the kids tubed and spent time on the beach as they always do when we're with them. It was a good day and I'll post pics. Matthew didn't enjoy it all so we'll see what next year brings.

We've been at the water parks more times than I can even count and the pool has been filled and drained numerous times. Canada Day was spent at the beach and there will be more beach days to come. Overall it has been a great summer and I'm so excited to say there is still another month left!

Matthew graduated preschool and that was an amazing adventure!

And both the boys with their respective soccer and baseball teams got to play with the pros. Corey is number 23 on the Goldeyes diamond and Matthew got to play soccer at the half time Bomber game the other day.

All in all it has already been a fun filled super summer and I can hardly wait for the rest of our adventures.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Brotherly love

I have to admit I kind of feel bad for Corey. I mean he cannot do anything anymore without Matthew following him around and asking him a million thousand questions about everything. Is it bad I'm glad it's Corey and not me? ;)
I will never really experience what Corey and Matthew have just like I'll never understand the relationship that I hope Kianne and Jordyn will have one day. While I had a brother, he was four years younger that me and that is a pretty large gap plus he was a boy :p
Not much point to my post just a simple observation.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Time Flies When you're Crazy Busy!

Well tons has happened since I last updated. We have decided to homeschool and you can read all about that here

That is an experience in itself. Going better than expected with the typical hiccups one could predict.

Halloween has come and gone and of course it is always brings sugar highs and lows that personally I could do without ;)

Just recently we took in the Santa Clause parade and that was fun! Crazy crowded but so much fun. I had a session right before then this year and so we got there just in the nick of time.
Next year we will have to plan better. Jordyn had so much fun though and the wonder in her little eyes was precious and amazing!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Argh Totally Lost and Confused

The panic and axiety have set in full force in regards to the kids schooling. I go between feeling wonderful and confident with our choice to homeschool this year to a full on anxiety and panic attack.
I have such strong issues with the school they have been attending that I swore up and down they were not returning this year. But with fall and back to school quickly approaching I am losing confidence and wondering if I can handle this adventure.
I have contacted some other public school that are out of "catchment" but they are far from helpful and make me feel horrible for even considering switching schools.
There is another private school we have looked at but it is really far, really expensive and Jay and I both don't feel like blowing another $100 bucks on application fees to get a "no" answer.
So, here I am in tears again with my stomach in knots trying to make the best choice for the kids and our family.
Do we talk to the current school before school starts and explain our expectations and issues firmly so there are no issues or do I just keep them home? Do I send them and pull them if there are nonsensical issues?
I know I've said it before but I really never though this would be so hard....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"I Love Being a Kid!"

These were the words out of my nine year old Corey this morning downstairs playing with the rest of the kids with bubble wrap! They were all so excited and having so much fun. This simple sentence, "I love being a kid" made me smile and fill with joy. I totally remember the simplicity of being a kid and he obviously appreciates it as well.
I find that more often than not it is these simple sentences or the kids all playing nicely together that inspire me to write a blog post.
I have to be honest though and admit I don't have much to write about but I do have an awful lot of pics to post. That seems to be a common theme with my blog ;)
Michael has come and gone and it was a good visit but also presents it challenges as well. It must be hard for him to come here away from his home and mom and sister and jump into our crazy life. It was a good visit though and we are hoping to go to Edmonton in the new year to visit him there. Hopefully Jay can make a trip out there before that though for a couple of days.
Here are some pics of what we've been up to this summer so far.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Meanest Mom in the World

I must be the meanest Mom in the world as I plopped my baby girl on top of a pony at last weekends church picnic family day. Poor Jordyn was devestated and poor Corey was of course allergic ;)

Wow, I feel like I have so much to blog about lately and I'm days behind in my "online journal."

On a happy note. Michael's flight arrived yesterday morning on Canada Day and we spent a great day at the beach followed by dinner at Applebees!
Wish us luck with 5 kids in the house :)