Sunday, January 31, 2010

Excited, Nervous, Scared, so many emotions

All over a trip to Mexico for my brothers wedding. They have chosen to have a destination wedding at a very swanky resort and we can't all go as it is just WAY too much money. I am lucky though that I am going. At first I was going to bring Jordyn because way back when this was first discussed she was still quite young and pretty hard to deal with as a baby. Plus babies under two travel free ;) I figured that way hubby would only have to deal with 3 kids instead of four.
As the date gets closer though (next month) Jordyn will be such a drag to have with me. I mean I'll be relegated to my hotel room for naps and early bed times while everyone else is out having a good time. She is also a much better baby now so she can stay home with dad.
I think it's funny though that most women would die for chance to get away for a week to some exotic and hot place without kids and I'm terrified. I've teared up a couple times this week already thinking about leaving them.
I have so many crazy thoughts that I know are unfounded and really quite ridiculous but I can't seem to help it. I know a big part of my issues are control. For instance I really don't think the week at home is going to run anywhere like it does when I'm home. I'm worried homework won't get done, meds won't be taken, Corey will have an asthma attack, Jordyn will be in her crib crying all night because no one will hear her, the kids won't have baths and will eat KD for a week, morning, noon and night. Then of course there is the chance my plane will crash and that this fate of KD and no baths will be their life for the rest of their childhood!!!
Now of course I am totally looking forward to getting away. It will be so nice to sleep in and enjoy the hot weather.
I guess it's true though that you NEVER stop being a mother. Even when I will be thousands of miles away I know that most of my thoughts will be on my family and my children. I know that KD for a week and no baths will not be the death of me or them and I know my hubby is quite capable so I just need to relax.
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I haven't even left yet and I'm already appreciating what I have more than before.
I thought I should throw a pic on this post as my last couple haven't had any. Check out the amazing frost we had the other day.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lots going on

Well it seems I have gotten too busy again to update this blog. As per my last post I think I have finally decided I am content with my photo blog the way it is.

We are in the process of some big changes in the P/G household. The first one being a possible move. I mean admittedly we had outgrown our little home the moment we moved in however we had to start somewhere and we can at least way this house is ours. (well technically the banks but that is neither here nor there)
When we took possession of our little house I was extremely pregnant. Infact it was only 3 short weeks after we moved in that we had Matthew. Of course a short time later ms Jordyn graced us with her prescense. pardon the pun ;)
So now we are in a little 900 sqaure foot bungalow with 6 people. Oh and don't forget the dumb dog! Well luckily Jayson is handy and so he built an extra bedroom downstairs. That still only leaves though 4 bedrooms for 6 people.
Anyways, all this to say that it is time to move on to something a little bigger and where there are at least rooms for everyone.
We are meeting with a real estate agent tonight to hopefully get the ball rolling and figure out exactly what needs to be done.
We have had our eyes on the Niverville area for quite sometime and the housing costs are substantilly lower there and really only 20 mins from where we are anyway. I hear the schools are pretty good as well.
School, that brings me to another heater topic. I don't honestly know if I should even get started. Needless to say things have been really bad and at this point my kids WILL NOT be going back there next year. It has just been one nightmare after another. Yesterday the school even went so far as to tell me I don't feed my kid enough and that he is so hungry. They questioned every meal I gave him and told me it wasn't enough.
That is just the tip of the iceberg. I also have a report from a dr. indicating that Kianne's teacher has reported she is one grade level behind in all her core subjets.... hmmm this is the first we have ever heard this. So my first question of course is why hasn't the school or the teacher been in contact with me about this issue. Why in the world am I reading it from a dr's report?!?!? So of course this prompted me to check last years report card as we had not received one yet for this year. As of last year all was well and expectations were being met. Something didn't sound right but I wanted to get this years report from the teacher and then review it. Well you can imagine my shock when I received the report card yesterday and again the expectations are all being met?!?!? Okay, now I may not be the smartest kid on the block however, if I have one report that is saying she is below a full grade and another report that says she is meeting all expectations....something is NOT adding up.
Of course this sent me over the edge! Someone is being lied to. Either myself as the parent or the dr. Now the scary thing is that if the Dr is being lied to by the school she is making diagnosis' based on teachers reports and in turn prescribing narcotics.... THIS is a serious situation.
I have put in a call to the dr as I want a copy of the report that was sent from Kianne's teacher. Once I have that there will be a meeting with the school to figure out all this nonsense.
Well I wasn't going to get into it but as you can tell this is a huge issue and one I will not let die.
I don't know what to do about this school we are dealing with but my kids will not be returning.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

can't make up my mind!

I am having a multiple personality disorder over on my photo blog. I change my logo and header on my website and blog it seems on a daily basis.
This does seem to be the time to be making all these changes as of course the workload is down over the winter. I just can't seem to get across what I want.
I "think" I have finally found it though today. We'll see what tomorrow brings ;)