Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Argh Totally Lost and Confused

The panic and axiety have set in full force in regards to the kids schooling. I go between feeling wonderful and confident with our choice to homeschool this year to a full on anxiety and panic attack.
I have such strong issues with the school they have been attending that I swore up and down they were not returning this year. But with fall and back to school quickly approaching I am losing confidence and wondering if I can handle this adventure.
I have contacted some other public school that are out of "catchment" but they are far from helpful and make me feel horrible for even considering switching schools.
There is another private school we have looked at but it is really far, really expensive and Jay and I both don't feel like blowing another $100 bucks on application fees to get a "no" answer.
So, here I am in tears again with my stomach in knots trying to make the best choice for the kids and our family.
Do we talk to the current school before school starts and explain our expectations and issues firmly so there are no issues or do I just keep them home? Do I send them and pull them if there are nonsensical issues?
I know I've said it before but I really never though this would be so hard....